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What You Need to Know About the Great City of Kelowna

What You Need to Know About the Great City of Kelowna

Are you looking to relocate due to lifestyle or work? Kelowna offers an ideal residential area, perfect for setting-up your home. Kelowna is located within the stunning Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, somewhere where everybody would be proud to call home. The diverse neighborhood with exciting activities, delicious food, incredible views and some of the best vineyards adds to this. Amidst all this, finding the best place to live in Kelowna requires that you consult with a Kelowna realtor, who has great knowledge about this area.

Kelowna City Profile

  • Population: 134,234
  • Average age: 44
  • The median cost of a house: $638, 667
  • Top neighborhoods: Kettle Valley, Lower Mission, Upper Mission
  • Unemployment rate: 7. 4%

Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Kelowna

If you have second thoughts about relocating to Kelowna, the following reasons may cement your decision:

  1. Great amenities

This is probably what everyone inquires about before making an investment in real estate in Kelowna, or any other region. As for Kelowna, residents enjoy the following;

  • Health care – the city has sufficient medical personnel including specialists, dentists, family physicians, holistic practitioners, chiropractors, and surgeons. The Kelowna General Hospital is a large facility that offers comprehensive medical services in the region.
  • Education – nobody would like to relocate to an area without sufficient education services. Kelowna has enough public schools for kids starting from kindergarten all through to grade 12. Okanagan College is a good place for adult education, transfer programs, and technical trades. The city also hosts the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, which has more than 60 undergraduate programs.
  • Entertainment – for leisure, the city is rich in historical arts and culture. The Hambleton Galleries, Tutt Art Galleries are just but a few best-known art galleries to mention.
  1. Incredible weather

Kelowna experiences all the four seasons, and residents can’t complain about the beautiful weather all around. Kelowna autumns bring along magnificent crisp and colorful trends, winters are quite mild, and the spring and summer months make the region very warm and welcoming. The city enjoys more than 2000 hours of sunshine annually with average summer temperatures hovering around 30 degrees.

  1. Employment opportunities

Kelowna is not only a good place to live, but also the best place to work. The region has a competitive job market that was ranked first in Canada. Navigating the city is also easy, thanks to the job boards and online resources such as the Kelowna Chamber, Kijiji, Workopolis and Indeed. The city’s economy is also strong due to the presence of a conducive working environments and big businesses.

Kelowna Neighborhoods

Most people like to check the neighborhoods of an area before making a real estate investment decision. There are several best areas to live in Kelowna. Sean Skuter, an experienced real estate agent, will happily take you around the various neighborhoods. Some of the best neighborhood areas include;

  • Upper Mission – most people prefer living in Kelowna’s upper mission due to its perfect views. As you make your way into the residential communities in this area, you will enjoy views of spectacular lakes, valleys and the city around you.
  • Lower Mission – this region offers interested residents with the epitome of Kelowna’s lifestyle. If you are a fan of water activities, outdoor activities, extensive shopping, and dining, this is the best neighborhood to settle in.
  • South East Kelowna – everybody enjoys the thrilling drive towards the South East Kelowna. The orchard and beautiful golf courses offer an amazing view as you head home.
  • Kettle Valley – Kettle valley is probably Kelowna’s most coveted and most planned communities. The area stretches alongside spectacular parks, expansive trails and wildlife spaces, intriguing views of the Okanogan Valley and much more.
  • Glenmore – Glenmore is made of single-family homes with townhomes and condominiums. This neighborhood was long-established and it offers a real sense of owning a home.

Kelowna is a prime place to live in Canada. Everything, from its economy, cost of living, weather, housing, and transportation are perfect for those who want to relocate to this region. To find a good place to settle in Kelowna, contact Sean Skuter, an experienced realtor and a local who knows the city and its lifestyle very well!