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Upsizing Your Home: The Hottest Kelowna Real Estate Trend

Upsizing Your Home: The Hottest Kelowna Real Estate Trend

About 5 years ago, Tracey and her husband Jake squeezed their lives into a small apartment in downtown Kelowna. At the time, it was great. However, a few kids, a dog, and some hobbies later, their space was much too small. The couple began looking at Kelowna real estate, and soon realized it was time to upsize.

Their place in downtown Kelowna caused a lot of frustrations for the couple. From the lack of pantry space in the Kitchen to the lack of space to have overnight guests or even dinner guests over, the couple knew it was time to upsize.

Jake and Tracey’s story isn’t an anomaly these days. Many couples find as their families and lives grow, so does their need for space. In fact, 37% of sellers age 36 and under say their reasons for moving are to find a larger space. Even Kelowna residents approaching retirement are considering upsizing. Many Grandparents want more space so their children and grandchildren have room to stay in their house.

Upsizing is the hottest Kelowna real estate trend right now. Keep reading for a few practical tips to consider if you think it may be time to upsize your living space.

Understand Your Budget

Upsizing your space is an exciting step for many families. However, buying a bigger house mortgage means taking a look at your current mortgage and making an honest assessment of your budget. This might mean making an appointment with your mortgage provider and taking a look at your feasible options.

It’s important to factor in all the costs associated with upgrading. Not only does this likely include a larger mortgage, but it also includes the costs of moving, such as property transfer tax, lawyer fees, and any expenses if you plan on doing any renovations or upgrades to your new home.

Making a budget to understand your price range means looking for Kelowna homes for sale will be a lot easier. This is when you should contact your local real estate agent professional. With a budget and an idea of what your next home should have, your Kelowna real estate agent will be able to help you find the next home of your dreams within your price range.

Depending on your budget, and where you’re moving from, this may mean purchasing further outside the city center to get more space for a lower price tag. But, if you’re anything like Jake and Tracey, the switch to a larger space will be well worth it.

kelowna real estate sean skutter 2Make a List of Your Upgraded Home’s Must Haves

Understanding the must-have features you’re looking for in a Kelowna home for sale is quintessential. It’s important to organize your “wants” and “needs” in your new home separately. Needs may include the number of bedrooms the new home should have, or what size kitchen or living room suits your lifestyle.

Think back to your reasons for moving and consider this as you make your list of must-haves while shopping for Kelowna houses for sale.

Being clear with yourself and your agent about what you’re looking for will help streamline the shopping process and help you make the right decision for you and your family. Additionally, check out our previous blog on questions to ask your Kelowna real estate agent.

Kelowna Real Estate: Get Ready to Move Up and Move In

Moving to a larger house can be both an exciting and overwhelming process. But, working with a certified real estate agent like Sean Skutter, who has years of experience in the Kelowna real estate market will help you have a low-stress home purchasing and selling experience.

Sean has an extensive background in real estate, from landscaping and finishing carpentry to property development and marketing. Whether you’re looking forward to moving to a bigger house or looking to sell your current one, contact Sean today. His passion and excitement for the Okanagan Valley are second only to his commitment to helping you find the right home or property.

If you’re ready to move up and move in, contact Sean Skutter today for unparalleled personal service and expertise.