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Spring Landscaping Can Help Sell Your Kelowna Property

Spring Landscaping Can Help Sell Your Kelowna Property

The snow is melting and it won’t be long before our beautiful Okanagan is blooming with bulbs in April. Spring landscaping can tremendously enhance your curb appeal and give your house a notch above the competition. Your Kelowna Real Estate agent has some great tips and tricks to help you maximize the most with what you have to work with. Tidy, organized and calm spaces are highly sought after. We are fortunate enough to reside in a desert-like oasis. Our outdoor spaces are an integral part of the property to prepare prior to selling. Remax Kelowna wants you to succeed in your upcoming sale.

Create A Welcoming Vibe

If the grass is torched and crispy and will hurt bare feet, potential homebuyers (particularly young families), may be discouraged. Many clients are seeking homes that are ready to move into. Ensuring your irrigation system is up to date and functioning optimally, will help your grass, trees, perennials and shrubs survive. Shape your trees or shrubs accordingly to prevent scraggly silhouettes from dominating your landscape.

Xeriscaping Saves Water

Alternatively, many individuals are opting to switch over to a Xeriscape, low water design, foregoing grass and irrigation systems altogether. Offering a low maintenance, yet colourful and diverse garden is appealing for energy conscious buyers. If the landscaping and hedges are so overgrown and unattended to that they might be housing raccoons or rattlesnakes, people will notice and take note of all the extra work they will have to do laying new sod or removing organic debris. A welcoming vibe and first impression goes a long way.

Low Maintenance & Inviting Curb Appeal

Strategically placing some water wise plants along your walk way or flanking the front door can brighten up your patio and landing. Hanging baskets on a veranda or hanging tomatoes on the patio are other options. Whether you decide on bright and cheery flowerpots or formal and monotone, grouping your matching containers together can create a punch of color along your entryway or stairs. Herbs are a fragrant, welcoming and useful way to invite pollinators to your property. Evergreens, blueberry bushes and climbing vines can help you create shade and organic fare. Adding some seasonal color in symmetrical groupings can instantly add to a vibrant landscape.

Perennial Love and Mulching Upgrade

Your mulch needs to be replaced every year to look its’ best and keep your weeds away. Spring is a great time to go through your existing perennial garden and deadhead all the old leaves and flower remnants. Divide your perennials for adding more colour throughout your property. Fresh mulch can help you distinguish your plants and lower water consumption.

Solar Lighting

Remax Kelowna reminds clients that people enjoy a well-lit property that is safe and secure. Enhance your exterior living space with some solar lighting or install timers and wire in your perimeter. Showcase garden paths, water features and your favourite blooms or trees with strategically placed lights.

Retaining Walls & Proper Drainage

Carefully examining your perimeter and replacing worn or broken bricks or landscaping blocks can help you assess your drainage. Ensuring water is adequately flowing away from your basement and that all of your downspouts are in working order are vital aspects many future homebuyers want to double check.

Power Washing Your Exterior

Removing any dust or algae from your roof, siding, windows and walkways helps to maintain a fresh exterior. Spring cleaning isn’t just for the interior of your home! Depending on if there is construction happening nearby or if you live on a bus route with copious amounts of residual sand and gravel from the winter, exterior surfaces can easily become grimy. Call your Kelowna Real Estate specialist today and let’s get your home listed. The busy season of those who visit for vacation and want to claim a piece of the gorgeous Okanagan Valley for themselves is upon us! Planning your spring landscaping now will help you get a head start on increasing your sale potential.