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Remax Kelowna Recommends Reputable and Qualified Home Inspectors Only Please 

Remax Kelowna Recommends Reputable and Qualified Home Inspectors Only Please 

Happy Spring Kelowna! As we head into one of the busiest home buying and home selling seasons, Remax Kelowna reminds clients how valuable a qualified home inspection is. Imagine having a detailed report delivered to your email or phone with pictures, prior to signing on the dotted line.

Kelowna Real Estate agent Sean Skuter wants you to have an excellent experience. Purchasing your first home, retirement property or any place in between should be seamless and stress-free. Selling your property should be smooth and organized as well. Neither party wants to find out about any unwelcome or expensive surprises. There is nothing worse than trying to save $400-$600 by avoiding a home inspection, only to find out later that you need to come up with thousands for an essential repair.

Remax Kelowna has some professional recommendations, once you decide this is a valid and necessary part of the home buying and selling process. Typically, your bank will have a list of approved home inspectors to choose from as well.

Save Money By Knowing The Facts

What type of shape your roof, furnace, plumbing, windows, foundation is in, or whether your dwelling has asbestos can dramatically affect your offer and your future budget. Having a qualified and reputable home inspector to give you the low down is vital.

What you may see as a gentle slope, may be indicative of a huge foundation problem due to water drainage issues. What you may perceive as a two-tone paint job, may be indicative of stucco repairs covering previous water damage.

There is no substitute for a licensed professional who knows the specific issues associated with certain properties. For example, the year of your building often dictates specific items to look for. Old wiring, recalled furnaces and recycled plumbing materials were frequently installed during certain decades. The average homeowner could easily overlook a plethora of dangerous potential health concerns and essential upgrades.

Avoiding Mold Exposure and Water Damage Repairs 

Water damage is one of the most common findings during a home inspection. There are so many avenues for water to enter and exploit a building. Improper grade sloping can lead water running towards the building instead of away. Roofs that are past their prime and have either damaged or improperly installed materials can leak.

Improperly installed flashing around the windows, chimney or vents can lead to devastating issues. Animals and humans can become very ill with mold exposure resulting from long-standing water issues. This can be difficult to diagnose at times, due to the similarities between allergy and respiratory symptoms.

Tell-tale signs of long-standing water problems include:

  1. cracks in the foundation, driveway, or drywall
  2. flooring discolouration, lifting, peeling or swelling of materials
  3. windows and doors that have gaps along the top or bottom
  4. swollen window or door jams that are difficult to open and close
  5. musty/moldy odour
  6. black, orange, blue, pink or brown mold

Home Inspections Protect Both Parties

Remax Kelowna wants every client to feel secure in their home purchase or home selling experience. Obtaining a qualified home inspection report can bring both parties at peace of mind. The seller can realistically price their property and determine which repairs should be completed prior to selling and the buyer is aware of what exactly they are agreeing to purchase.

Protect yourself and one of the most important investments you will ever make by booking a qualified home inspector to determine the health and wellbeing of your potential purchase. Your favourite Kelowna Real Estate team looks forward to helping you with your Spring relocation!

Contact Sean Skuter Real Estate Group today with your wish list and we will be happy to show you a variety of suitable properties!