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Okanagan Lifestyle Activities You Can Still Enjoy During the Pandemic

Okanagan Lifestyle Activities You Can Still Enjoy During the Pandemic

This summer is definitely unlike anything we’ve ever had before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Although large group activities are a no-go, there are still plenty of fun things you can do with two to six people. Even if you’re just someone interested in the Okanagan lifestyle with real estate in mind, the Okanagan offers a plethora of activities. 

Here are some of the best ones below. 

Trying Out the Okanagan Lifestyle With a New Restaurant or Brewery 

There’s no doubt the restaurant industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, so try supporting local places whenever possible. It will help keep that little mom and pop shop with the best sandwiches you love in business. We recommend choosing the outdoor patios if you are going to sit in at a restaurant, but many restaurants offer pick-up or even take-out to help you stay socially distant. 

Some of the best to try in Kelowna are the Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich ShopRustic Reel Brewing Company, and Bread Co. 

Swimming in Okanagan Lake 

Outdoor activities in general are your best bet as they offer the best chance to physically distant. Of course, Okanagan Lake is a solid choice to go swimming and you can do so from a variety of beaches around the Okanagan. With the summer as busy as it is, try to avoid peak times to not only relax but stay safe as well. 

Young guy on paddleboard on Okanagan Lake

Outdoor Water Activities 

The lake offers much more than swimming though. Rent a boat to get out on the water and go tubing. You could even peruse the waterfront real estate the Okanagan lifestyle offers, or try out paddleboarding or kayaking and casually paddle across the lake. 


Camping is one of the best activities this summer as you still get to be outside often without having to worry about physical distancing. Kelowna has plenty of incredible camping spots with stunning views to choose from. Plus, there are a ton of trails to explore and discover that are often only a short walk away to test your hiking skills or just to meander along. 

Barbeques and Potlucks 

There’s nothing quite like a barbequed meal during the summer and it’s a great way to still have some fun while outside and catch up with friends and family 

Potlucks are also great too since people can stay safe by bringing their own plates and utensils while still sharing delicious foods with each other. 

Kelowna and the Okanagan region in general offer some of the best summertime activities in B.C. Although circumstances have definitely changed with current events, you can still enjoy the best the region has to offer this summer while staying safe. 



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