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Real Estate in Kelowna and Living That Fall Okanagan Lifestyle

Real Estate in Kelowna and Living That Fall Okanagan Lifestyle

Looking for real estate in Kelowna, but worried that summer is the only fun time of year in the Okanagan? We get it—Kelowna is known as “Kelownafornia” for good reason; hot sandy beaches, boating, wineries galore, world-class golfing courses, and some epic biking & hiking trails.

But that Okanagan lifestyle lasts all year round.

Once September rolls around, the weather doesn’t switch to cool Fall weather as quickly as it does in other provinces. Summer weather lingers until as late as October. And, there’s something magical about Fall in the Okanagan; everything slows down. There are fewer boats on the lake and people at the beaches, making Kelowna parks and walkways seem more serene. However, an influx of university and college students return to Kelowna for their studies but bring vibrancy and excitement to the coffee shops and Kelowna libraries they frequent.

The green valley hills become sploshes of red, burnt orange and maize yellow that reflects on the glass surface of the lake. Fallen leaves decorate the walkways of Abbott Street.

Doing Real Estate the Okanagan Lifestyle Way

Regardless of which community you buy property in, most real estate in Kelowna is accompanied by a plethora of Okanagan amenities and attractions.

So, whether you move to downtown Kelowna, Rutland, Lower Mission or Dilworth, you will be doing real estate the Okanagan lifestyle way.

If you plan to purchase real estate in Kelowna sometime this Fall, you’ll want to be in the know about some fantastic Fall activities.

real estate in Kelowna Sean Skuter woman running on trail surrounded by yellow leaves

Kelowna Running, Hiking and Biking Trails

If you’re buying real estate in Kelowna, you can expect to be active all throughout the Fall months. Wherever you decide to buy Kelowna real estate, there are tons of running, hiking, and biking trails all of which showcase the beauty of Fall in Kelowna. Below are some of the best trails in Kelowna (which are also suitable for walking):

Family-Friendly Adventures

Fall is a beautiful time of year to spend time outdoors in Kelowna and provides the perfect conditions to burn off energy with the kids. Fortunately, there are many places to take the entire family and burn some energy off. Below are some places where fun can be had by all family members.

Fall Events

Experience Kelowna’s strong sense of community for yourself and attend one of these upcoming events (it’s okay to take a breather from moving into your new Kelowna home):

real estate in Kelowna Sean Skuter 6 apple bins full of red apples in orchard


With Fall comes the changing of leaves, sweaters, grapes coming in from the vines and apple harvests in the orchards. A popular way to enjoy fresh local apples in the Okanagan Valley is to treat yourself with some hard apple cider! With so many orchards in the area, it is no surprise that more and more cideries are opening their doors. Here are a few of our favourite picks:

Real Estate in Kelowna—Looking for Kelowna’s Best Real Estate Agent?

Fall is the perfect season to buy or sell your home in Kelowna. Cool temperatures, less traffic and stunning scenery can ease the stresses that come along with moving somewhere new.

If you’re having difficulty finding your ideal Kelowna home, connect with Kelowna’s best real estate agent, Sean Skuter Realty. In the meantime, check out our Kelowna real estate listings.

Looking for your dream home? Connect with Sean today to find the best real estate in Kelowna!