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Top Tips for Keeping Your Kelowna Home Healthy

Top Tips for Keeping Your Kelowna Home Healthy

While it’s normal for every house to get dusty and dirty, no one wants to be wading through a sea of dust bunnies on their way to get a glass of water. Throwing a party or open house in Kelowna? Eliminate the need for cleaning as often with our key tips below for keeping your home clean and the dust and dirt army from retaking your house. 

Don’t Wear Shoes Inside Your House 

This seems like a no-brainer, but even quick trips to another room wearing shoes or boots can track in dirt, allergens, and pollutants further into your home. Leave the bad parts of the outdoors at the door by using a washable boot and shoe tray.  

Add Mats to Both Sides of Your Doors 

Did you know that just by adding two washable doormats to either side of a front or back door you can catch up to 80% of the dirt you’d track in otherwise? That’s not even including allergens, pollutants, and bacteria you’re trapping as well. Doormats come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, so you’re sure to find one that ‘mat’ches your décor. 

Change Out Air Conditioning Filters 

Keep your air supply clean and fresh by regularly changing the filters every three months.  

dog sleeping in bed with woman

Don’t Let Your Pet Sleep in Bed with You 

Your pets might be cute and cuddly, but they also carry allergens in their dander which can then get transferred to your bed if they snooze with you. If you can’t keep them off your pillows and bedsheets, then make sure to give them a bath once a week to cut down on dander and hair.  

Cut Down on Furnishings That Aren’t Used 

Having extra furniture is great when you’re having people over, but less so when it’s not in use. They make the perfect home for dust mites and will catch dust like no tomorrow when they’re not in use. Consider selling or getting rid of excess furnishings if you find dust builds up rapidly in your home. 

Remove Wallpaper in the Bathroom 

Wallpaper can look nice; however, you’re also inviting mildew and mold to grow by keeping it in your bathroom or kitchen. Instead, use textured paint that’s mold-resistant or tile your bathroom to keep mold from building up (plus it looks much more modern if you’re holding an open house in Kelowna or showing it off to guests).  

interior of bathroom of open house in Kelowna

Make Sure Your Bathroom Is Properly Ventilated 

If your bathroom fan isn’t properly sucking in the air, there’s a good chance that’s why mildew and mold are building up. Make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated and keep your fan running even after the shower or bath is done for about 10 minutes so that all the moisture is sucked up. 

Cleaning Your Shower Lining 

In many ways, your shower lining is the perfect place for mildew and mold to grow. They can thrive if you let them since the lining is close the drain where it’s often getting splashed and the heat rises from. Make sure they don’t by cleaning the lining regularly or getting a new one. 

Use the Exhaust Fan When Cooking 

Like your bathroom, it’s important to use your exhaust fan in the kitchen too. Cooking on the stovetop can produce a lot of steam and turning on the fan can reduce the chance of that steam turning to mold or mildew.  

Clean Regularly 

A good vacuuming, dusting, and overall cleaning schedule can do wonders for your home. Although cleaning isn’t the most fun activity, it is important for your home and your health. 

Don’t come home to a dirty, dusty environment, take care of your home, and you’ll be happier and healthier as a result. 



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