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Top Living Room Trends the Best Kelowna Realtors Recommend

Top Living Room Trends the Best Kelowna Realtors Recommend

Since we’re all spending more time in our living rooms than ever before, it makes sense then that living rooms would evolve too over the course of 2021. When staging your home many of the best Kelowna realtors would all agree that it’s a good tactic to incorporate these new trends in. But what are the living room trends of 2021?

More Emphasis on a Relaxed Environment

Because people are spending more time at home, cozy and relaxed environments have taken importance. Say goodbye to mid-century furniture and hello to small-scale, comfortable pieces of furniture. No one wants to spend hours at home on a stiff couch.

More Seating and Furniture

Although furniture pieces are smaller scale, there has been an emphasis on more seating and furniture itself. This way the whole family can sit down together and relax whether people are reading, on their phone, or working on their laptops.

Games tables that are good sizes for board games or even tables that function as small libraries are also popular picks.

New living room in Kelowna

Minimalistic Design…

One design trend that carries over from 2020 is the emphasis on minimalism. While the trendy thing is to have more furniture in the living room, the pieces themselves aren’t complicated or take up much space.

… But a Focus on More Home Entertainment

However, while furniture won’t take up as much space, electronics are taking up the slack in living rooms. With high-end home entertainment systems becoming more affordable for people to purchase, and streaming services providing high-quality entertainment, people are staying in more than they’re going out.

Because of that, dining in has also become more popular with more attention to classier dining set pieces of furniture.

Overall, people are spending more time at home than ever before (mainly due to the pandemic) so living rooms are switching from places to impress guests to comfortable rooms you can relax in at the end of the day.



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